Control Alt Develop aims to create a fun learning experience and a wealth of real world applicable applications (yes, we said it) for people of all ages that are tech curious. We are a budding voice in the tech world, poised to make big, modern ideas more accessible to all.

Whether you’re seventeen or seventy, you are welcome to participate in the conversation here.

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More About our Staff

While we have many guest bloggers planned with tons of brain tickling topics, as a growing organization we are starting small. Below is the current core team responsible for bringing you all that we have to offer.

Please check back soon – we will be adding as we grow…

Dave Nadeau

Director of Development, Blog Writer

Dave takes pride in his contributions here. A self described “tech generalist with a desire to specialize” he has many projects going. Whether it be constantly growing his home lab/automation, web development, or application programming, whatever Dave is into he’s sure to share what he learns along the way with you in a post right here on Control Alt Develop!

Nicole Haines

Photographer/Imagery Consultant

Nicole is a Northern California Lifestyle Photographer that has lent her talents to our budding site. Thanks to Sunblush Photography for providing visual guidance and substance to Ctrl Alt Develop!